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Dr.Abel Arywhite
Egg Banking plc, London.
Hello, dear!

How are you and your family? I hope my letter meets you in the best mood.
My name is Dr. Abel Arywhite , Operations / Regional Manager Yorkshire
Bank , London. I chose this top secret / confidential cooperation with you
described herein, for our mutual benefit. During the annual audit of our
bank, I discovered an abandoned / unclaimed funds, the sum total of which
is £ 30,000,000 GBP (30 million British pounds) in an account belonging to
one of our foreign customers (late David McDowell Brown) of Arlington
Virginia in the U.S.A. who unfortunately lost his life together with his
wife and daughter with the whole crew on the first February 2003 through
the southern United States space shuttle to Columbia.

I found that he had no particular family or designated beneficiary on the
account, after going through his writings in our bank. I am sincerely and
consciously seeking to present , you as the will be next of kin /
beneficiary to the deceased so that the sum of 30 million pounds sterling
will be converted to your custody and we shall share in a percentage ratio
of 50% for me and 40% for you, while 10% will be for all costs of the
transaction. I need your honest cooperation, trust and absolute
confidentiality so that we successfully complete this transaction.

I declare and promise that this transaction shall be under a legitimate
arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law, both in your
country and here in London, as the fund is transferred to your nominated
bank account . After examination and acceptance of this offer, please
forward this information to me immediately on my private e-mail address
for more discussion: [email protected]

-Your full name:
-Your full contact address:
-Your mobile phone direct number :

I will update the information in our database to reflect , that you are
the next of kin / beneficiary named on this account, I will communicate
with the bank for the transfer of this fund to you.
Note: We have to deal a few days to conclude on banking business .
With expectations of your positive response.
Dr. Abel Arywhite

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Ganz typisches klassisches 419-Nigerianer-Betrugs-Seemannsgarn. Die klassische Erbschaftslegende. Hat schopn einen Bart bis zu den Knöcheln. Klappt aber offensichtlich immer noch immer wieder. Wenn da schon "top secret/confidential" steht, hat man eigentlich schon alles gelesen.