Mozilla slates Firefox 5 update to fix Lion crash bug

Das neue Apple-OS "Lion", das Gerüchten zufolge am 14.07. freigegeben werden soll hat einen Bug, der im Zusammenhamg mit dem neuen Firefox 5 zum Crash des Systems führen kann. Mozilla stellt schon mal ein Update für den Firefox bereit, meldet computerworld.

Firefox 5.0.1 is "coming soon," Mozilla announced in a blog post, but did not set a release date. Users running Microsoft Windows or Linux will not see the update.

According to Mozilla, Mac OS X 10.7, aka Lion, contains a bug that causes Firefox 5 to crash when displaying websites that use downloadable fonts.

"We alerted Apple to the problem before the release of 10.7 but they did not fix the problem before 10.7 went to final release," Christopher Blizzard, Mozilla's Web platform director, said on the company's blog. "We've changed the font APIs that we're using to newer versions which appear to fix the problem."

The bug in Lion will cause "severe crash problems" for Firefox 5 users if it's not fixed, added Blizzard.